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Industrial cleaning project :

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance of Production Halls

Industrial cleaning involves cleaning production lines of any effects and residues from the production operation. Setareh Safiran Ayandeh Co is one of the leading companies in this area due to its valuable experience working on production lines of major manufacturing companies in Iran. The following are some of these services.

Service and maintaining PT tunnels, ED painting tunnel, and ED rectifiers tanks and dump tanks, paint baking furnaces, the working area (body repair, post-op, retouch, and minor), UBS bitumen and sealing cabins, undercoat paint, finish, black out and repair cabins, plenum cabins, air handling units, main paint tanks and wash chambers, waterfalls, PMR circulation, Ro unit, skid and grating tanks, and other equipment and areas of production halls. The company is also active in the field of central paint, sealer, and bitumen work maintenance, as follows:

Servicing satellite equipment of undercoat and finish paints; servicing diaphragm pumps, stirrers, piston pumps, air care units, pneumatic valves, hoses, paint tubes, solvents, and chemicals; servicing hose tower systems, fixed and moving paint spray pistols and guns, chlorine, sealer, and bitumen used by operators or robots. Servicing spare and reserved parts and fittings in the color transfer and spraying, upgrading and modifying transmission equipment (including paint tubes and related fittings from central to spraying cabins), and periodic service of all equipment.